How to be a good parents.?

For a time we may think that it is easy, that the next moment we will realize our mistakes. Instead of paying more attention to them, it would be better how much we understand them. This is just as important if you really care about your children. Guiding for or rejecting anything can be the right thing But if you do more than necessary then it is wrong. Suppose your children want to watch a film in the age of under 18, So don’t you mind.. better you also watch that movie and friendly or frankly discuss about good and bad things in some free time.

Some 10 good process to guide your children in the age of under 18.

  1. Schedule your work for the shortest time, The more time you give to your family or children, the easier it will be for you to understand them well. Otherwise the day will not be far when your kids ask you why there are only 30 31 days in a month, why not 50 60 days. Are you ready for this..? they are kids and they can asked or do anything, so be prepared.
  2. When children are in our eyes, nothing else, but it is not possible all the time and in the meantime they do something, after that we should tell them what is right and what is wrong. And even after that again they will make mistakes, they are children and it is normal. Never ever beat them, better you should scold them.
  3. Three the most important process. You should never stop your children from playing, as much as studies are important for them, sports are also equally important. Nowadays people are so much worried about the future of children. Unnecessarily they schedule tuition or coaching for children during play time. If you do not let the child play for 2-3 hours in 12 hours, then how will it work.? This is very wrong for the child, indirectly you are hurting them. so don’t ever do that.
  4. In today’s day you cannot keep children away from mobile and this is the reason they are completely wandering and it is equally difficult to reverse this. Refusing outright can be risky, but you can refuse it and you can see how frustrated your kids are for it. 1 day, 2 days or 3 days you can notice. its ok if you don’t want to do this. allow them for the 1 hours maximum and if you get a chance, you can keep an eye on what they are doing, but they should not be aware of this. just mark them.
  5. Children aged 14 to 18. This is the time that parents have to take extra care of their children. they will definitely make some mistakes and this will come from their character. completely their intension. just communicate well to them. The tact with which you talk to them, the better. If they do not like anything you say, then it can spoil the matter. Say it like you don’t care what they are doing, Of course every moment you support the kids is good but in this age they can thing or do the wrong.
  6. What would you do if they made some mistake, and that mistake which should not have been done. First of all, we should know that we cannot be right all the time. We also must have made a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, But as we know there is a lesson to be learned from every mistake. One who can understand this thing they will understand definitely after one or two mistakes. And you won’t even need to explain them. Beating them or scold them might not matter But in some cases you have to explain them smoothly And it is the actual process to guide them.
  7. Attraction towards girl or boy in this age is very common thing and it is not a very big issue at all. they will say it love. And yes it might be that they strays from the real issues, most probably from also studies. you don’t have to do anything, just told them yes it is not illegal but constitution will not support you, you should wait for until 18. So it is better that you concentrate on studies for now. The better you take way of explaining them, it will be better.

Above 18

  1. Every one of his childish antics, maybe you don’t like it, everyone don’t like these. Ask why they did that. silent will be the 1st answer. But you try to ask them for answers so that you can explain them in a better way. They will insist on doing something, maybe they are not right. They will roam here and there with friends, they will stay outside the house till late night, its ok if they are staying but smoking, drinking alcohol. which is very bad thing. just refuse it, strictly.
  2. Do not keep an eye on them, but who should explain to us that those are our children, how can’t keep an eye on them. it is our responsibility. And this is the feeling you should give them. every small task should be handed over to them to test their responsibility. It doesn’t mean that you keep them tied to this thing everyday, Occasionally or Maximum 1 or 2 Hour in a Day or two days. They will also have their own work and dreams. They won’t even tell you but you have to understand this thing.
  3. Last in the list, Sometimes we ask them to walk in our own way more than necessary. like after completing the studies job is necessary. every children have own personality. always they need time to stand. still success is no guarantee that everything can happen accordingly. You should understand the way they work, it is better not to force them. suggest them if it will work.

There is depth in each of the above sayings. No one can tell you exactly that if you do this, you will get the result for sure. It also depends on you how much you understand your children and what approach you adopt to guide them. It would be such a stupid thing that you once told a two year old child and he completely understood. Sometimes speaking is necessary, but even more important is listening to what they are saying.!