Pushpa Vs KGF, Pushpa shattered hindi boxoffice collection of K.G.F: Chapter 1

It’s been 3 years since K.G.F: Chapter 1 was released. And when the public saw it, the reaction was not only good, but it was an epic film, through every possibility of narrative, story, direction, screenplay and visual. everything was put on the right track and it turn out to be biggest blockbuster.

Recently released Pushpa did a big surprise at the box office, KGF’s Hindi box office collection was not that difficult to beat But because of the star value, the film lasted longer.  Pushpa: The Rise, its all about Allu Arjun’s brand. It doesn’t mean Pushpa is a bad film but you can’t compare with K.G.F.-Chapter 1 because of its genre. K.G.F was more dynamic through story, scripting and direction but Pushpa was more for character But The real and interesting fight will be between KGF: Chapter 2 and Pushpa 2: The Rule. At least it’s fair to say KGF 2 Vs Pushpa 2.

K.G.F: Chapter 1 has already made its impact on the masses and already gathered huge numbers of fans for K.G.F: Chapter 2. The teaser has already broken every single record and has become the most viewed and liked teaser of all time. The film is scheduled for a theatrical release on 14 April this year and it is expected to shattered some box office record on it’s opening day, Where the Pushpa 2 is in pre production stage or you can expect in 2023 or 2024 for the release.

It will be interesting to see which thing is upper, Content or Star Value.? KGF Star “Yash” is also no less but Allu Arjun is Allu Arjun. Won’t bow down(झुकेगा नहीं साला).

You Know Pushpa is little low on content category compare to KGF Chapter 1 and it is obvious, Fan will expect better from Pushpa 2. Where KGF Chapter 2 is bonus for the content category, unless it’s really the worst movie ever. Tell us in comment section below which film will surpass fans expectation.?