Mersal Movie Review and Ranking of the movie.

If you are a Hindi audience then you will always be disappointed because you delayed watching that movie. And when you see, how can you live without discussion. You will see Vijay in ”Mersal (film)” after ”Bairavaa”, And you know what kind of film ”Bairavaa” ​​was.. would you compare? No ”Mersal (film)” is a much better film than ”Bairavaa”.

If you’re hoping we’ll talk about the story, forget it. You have to watch the movie for this. Yeah if we don’t tell you anything why will you see.. You will watch because the movie is very good and we will tell you the headline of the plot straight away. ”Mersal (film)” is based on the revenge drama. The more straightforward and ordinary the word is, the more powerful the film’s presentations are. From opening scenes to airport scenes and impressive megician to pre interval, totally excellent till pre interval or first half. In the 2nd half, you have to drag the story and it is necessary, otherwise you will not understand the story. Overall the film is very good and you can watch with family and kids.

Technical Works; Soundtrack of A.R. Rahman, editing of Livingston Antony Ruben, cinematography and direction of ‘Atlee’, expect length of the film, specially in 2nd half; little excessive. Otherwise the works are completely fine from all technician.

Direction; Atlee’ 1st ”Raja Rani” was well in 2013 and he banged up with “Theri” in 2016, Emotional action sequences of the film and his direction, the film topped the grossing of 175Cr against the budget of 70Cr with he won 3 awards for the best director. but question is “Mersal (film)” is better directed film from “Theri (film)” and we are confused. if we say personally, we liked “Theri (film)” but “Mersal (film)” is better. Let’s do the ranking.!

Atlee’s Last 5 Films
1.Theri (film)
2.Raja Rani (2013 film)
Where We Placed The Film
1.Mersal (film)
2.Theri (film)
3.Raja Rani (2013 film)

Performances; Spoiler Alert, ‘Vijay’ has played 3 different characters in the film and It’s always not that easy to play 3 different characters in a movie but ‘Vijay’ is much impressive in all three. Apart, S. J. Suryah’s role was badass and yes once again after “Spyder (film)”, he completely nail it. Kajal Aggarwal and Samantha Ruth Prabhu have small roles and both have played their roles beautifully.!

Vijay Last 5 Films

2.Theri (film)
5.Puli (2015 film)

Where We Placed The FiLm

2.Mersal (film)
3.Theri (film)

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