The teaser of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, who will be the next Black Panther.?

The Announcement of Phase five and Phase six was this year’s the biggest Marvel Comic-Con gift  and what we fans are surprised most was the teaser of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”.

2018’s Black Panther was successful movie and after demise of Chadwick Boseman, None of us has any idea about story of latest Black Panther film, Who will be the next Black Panther and how this sequel is going to be.? The teaser was full of sad. After watching this teaser, the fans were feelings the same as after the departure of Iron-Man fans felt in Far From Home teaser. The only  sad difference here is that Chadwick Boseman is not really among us.

Who will be the next Black Panther.?

Earlier in 2020 Marvel made it clear that the T’Challa will not be recast, That’s why we can see T’Challa’s funeral in the teaser , Where we can notice T’Challa’s helmet in Shuri’s hand. There are many chances that she might become the new black panther in the film, Because it also happened in comics . However, actress playing shuri’s role, Letitia Wright suffered a severe injury during the production. after which production was stopped until her recovery and a few changes were made to the script.

The Background of Bob Marley and The Wailers’s No Women No Cry music is very good and it’s properly indicating after theirs king T’Challa’s death, Wakanda’s leaders are fighting to save their country.

There are also some new characters in teaser, Tenoch Huerta’s Namor and Dominic Thorne’s Riri Williams were among the key features of the teaser and this is the biggest reveal of comic-con. Namor McKenzie is the son of a human being and an atlantean princess, who grew up to become the king of the people below the ocean. Namor the submariner is one of the first mutants of the Marvel Universe, who is a human skinned prince among the blue skinned atlanteans and he can breath on surface, even though its blue skinned people cannot do it.

However, the origin of Namor has been changed a bit here in the teaser. atlantis is full of Mayan imageries and his look is mayan king style with he is been shown very powerfull here, who is not even shaking during wakanda attack. the wings of his legs are inspired by the look of his from comics. This Namor is also looking very badass with his amazing shoulder armor.

Also we are getting the first glimpse of Dominic Thorne’s Riri Williams in the teaser. Riri Williams is a certified super genius and a fifteen year old engineer student, who has attended MIT. On the top of all this, Riri Williams knowing shuri makes a lot sense. Because, shuri also attended MIT. We can see her making a heart shape in the teaser, which we can spot in Iron-Heart’s series of title. The sequence of her hammer beating in the teaser might seem parallel to the hammer sequence of the first Iron-Man Movie.

Now this is the atmosphere of the teaser. You Can check The teaser of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” here .